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Transfer agreement

Reiwa Higher Co., Ltd.
General Passenger Car Transportation Business Standard Conditions of Carriage

(Scope of application)

Article 1 The transportation contract for the general passenger car transportation business managed by the Company shall be governed by the provisions of this contract of carriage, and matters not stipulated in this contract of carriage shall be subject to the provisions of laws and regulations or general customs. 2. If the Company complies with a special contract for some provisions of this contract of carriage to the extent that it does not violate the purpose of this contract of carriage and laws and regulations, it shall be subject to the special contract regardless of the provisions of that clause. (Instruction of staff)

Article 2 Passengers must follow the job instructions given by our drivers and other personnel to ensure the safety of transportation. (Underwriting of transportation)

Article 3 The Company will undertake the carriage of passengers unless it refuses to accept or continue the carriage pursuant to the provisions of the following Article or Article 4-2, Paragraph 2. (Underwriting of carriage and refusal to continue)

Article 4 The Company may refuse to underwrite or continue transportation in any of the following cases.
(1) When the application for carriage does not comply with these Conditions of Carriage.
(2) When there is no equipment suitable for the transportation.
(3) When the applicant requests a special burden for the transportation.
(4) When the transportation is contrary to the provisions of laws and regulations, public order, or good manners and customs.
(5) When there is a transportation problem due to a natural disaster or other unavoidable reason.
(6) When the passenger does not comply with the measures taken based on the provisions of the Passenger Car Transportation Business Transportation Regulations of the crew.
(7) When the passenger is carrying an item that is prohibited from being brought in by the provisions of the Passenger Car Transportation Business Transportation Regulations.
(8) When the passenger is so drunk that he cannot clearly tell the destination or it is difficult to walk without the help of a person.
(9) When the passenger is wearing unclean clothes that may contaminate the inside of the car.
(10) When the passenger is a seriously ill person without an attendant.
(11) Patients with first-class infectious diseases, second-class infectious diseases, new influenza and other infectious diseases or designated infectious diseases (limited to those requiring hospitalization) under the Act on Prevention of Infectious Diseases and Medical Care for Patients with Infectious Diseases Including those who are considered to be these patients) or those who have evidence of a new infectious disease.

Article 4-2 Passengers are requested to refrain from smoking in our non-smoking vehicles (all our vehicles are non-smoking vehicles; the same applies in the next paragraph). If the Passenger smokes or intends to smoke in our non-smoking vehicle, the driver may request to stop smoking and refuses to accept or continue carriage if the Passenger does not comply with this request. You must to do something before you go on. (Fares and charges)

Article 5 The fares and charges collected by the Company shall be based on the approval of the Director of the Regional Transport Bureau at the time of boarding the passenger, or the notification to the Director of the Regional Transport Bureau. 2 The fare and charges in the preceding paragraph are based on the displayed amount on the fare meter, except when you have an hourly rental contract. (Collection of fares and charges)

Article 6 We require payment of fares and charges when passengers get off. (Responsibility for passengers)

Article 7 When the life or body of a passenger is harmed by the operation of our car, we shall be liable for the damage caused by this. However, the Company and its staff did not neglect the operation of the motor vehicle, the passenger or a third party other than the staff of the Company intentionally or negligently made a mistake, and the automobile had a structural defect or functional failure. This is not the case when it is proved that there was no such thing. In the case of the preceding paragraph, our liability to passengers begins with the passenger's boarding and ends with the disembarkation.

Article 8 In addition to the provisions of the preceding article, the Company shall be liable for damages incurred by the passenger in relation to its transportation. However, this does not apply when the Company and its staff have proved that they have not neglected their attention regarding transportation.

Article 9 If the Company temporarily suspends operations or takes other measures to ensure the safety of transportation due to a natural disaster or other reasons that cannot be attributed to the Company, the damage suffered by the passengers. I do not take responsibility for compensation. (Passenger responsibility)

Article 10 If the Company suffers damage due to the intention or negligence of the Passenger or due to the Passenger's failure to comply with the law or the provisions of these Conditions of Carriage, the Company will seek compensation for the damage from the Passenger. increase.

Article 11 If we and the customer do not contact us within the following time, we will automatically cancel. In this case, 100% cancellation fee will be charged. Airport pick-up will be 2 hours after landing, and hotel pick-up will be 30 minutes from the set time.

Article 12 Due to the balance of other reservations, we will dispatch vehicles as much as possible when the flight is significantly delayed, but we may not be able to handle it. There is no cancellation fee in this case.



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